Private Yoga Class

5.00 out of 5

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Rates may be adjusted based on frequency, # of students, and distance of travel.

A private Yoga session allows for a more intimate view into your personal practice. Whether you are looking to start, re-vamp or take your practice deeper, I will create a session catered to you and your needs.



One-on-one time allows the exploration of various poses, limitations, and challenges. Providing attention to alignment, offering hands-on assists, and adjustments help the yogi open up to all the benefits a yoga practice can offer.

With Shayna Frankel Yoga, you get a private Yoga experience that is solely focused on your goals and needs.

The main benefits of Private in-home Yoga instruction:

  • Learn Yoga in a safe space with a practice catered towards the personal needs of your body and mind.
  • Be able to ask questions during the class and learn how to modify your practice as needed.
  • Get adjustments to make sure you’re not just doing Yoga, but that you’re doing Yoga correctly.
  • Avoid the stressful trip to the Yoga studio, finding parking, etc, enjoy Yoga at home!
  • Improve your balance and flexibility while alleviating anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Increase strength and muscle tone, as well as help heal existing injuries.

And don’t forget the many scientifically-proven benefits of Yoga:

  1. Increased Focus: By combining movement and breath, your yoga practice does not allow for a wandering mind. By being present “in the moment” you’ll learn to control your mind so you can focus on the task at hand.
  2. Boost Immunity: Yoga activates your immune system, gets your blood flowing and stimulates your lymphatic system. Yoga will also support healthy bones through movement that involves weight-bearing exercises. These benefits will lead to less sick days and higher performance from your team.
  3. Improve Posture: Sitting all day can be very hard for your neck and back creating poor posture. By practicing specific movements we will help lengthen the spine to hopefully reverse the constant hunching over our computers.  Yoga is a great way to create a positive relationship with your hips and spine for long-term health.
  4. Increase Confidence: When you are confident in your body, the confidence will begin to spill into the other aspects of your life. Yoga increases body confidence through stretching and strengthening exercises that show you what you’re capable of. Small changes lead to major results and soon your confidence in your body’s ability is skyrocketing.
  5. Increase Energy: Yoga has been proven to increase your energy for decades. It’s easy to spend the whole day glued to our desk when trying to balance out the demands of work and family life but that’s actually counter-productive! The less active you are, the quicker you fatigue and the less energy you’ll have to tackle everything. Taking the time to focus on yourself, even for a short period of time, is just the boost you need to tackle the rest of your day.
  6. Increase Flexibility: By increasing flexibility in your body, you also learn how to increase flexibility in other key areas of your life. Suddenly the things that were weighing on you, are not as important anymore. Learning how to go with the flow helps to decrease stress and anxiety and helps you roll with the punches in an ever-changing work environment.

* Scientific sources:
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A few final things to consider:
  • A one-hour one-on-one private session can be scheduled weekdays and certain weekends based on Shayna’s availability.
  • Up to 4 additional people are welcome to join a private session for $25 additional per person. Anymore than 5 is considered a yoga party. For more information on scheduling a private session please fill out the interest form to the right.

Please submit an inquiry in order to find out more information regarding availability and pricing.

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Rates may be adjusted based on frequency, # of students, and distance of travel.

5.00 out of 5

4 reviews for Private Yoga Class

  1. 5 out of 5

    Can not say enough great things about Shayna’s teaching. She introduced me to Vinyasa Yoga and completely changed my life. She is knowledgable and thorough, as well as friendly, warm, and a general joy to be around. I can not say enough great things about Shayna’s private Yoga classes and her teaching methodologies. It is simply fantastic!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Shayna has been a god send. For the past year I have had significant pain in my hip. Various doctors had said various things about the injury and given different recommendations for PT and rest. Shayna has been great at rolling with the punches of the various diagnosis and treatment plans. She really just wants me to get better and is using many different techniques to help.

    Having a private yoga instructor like Shayna has made a big difference. I could never tell when my body was out of alignment or if I was doing the pose correctly. She is patient and knowledgeable and is able to structure a class to what I need.

    If you want a private trainer simply to learn yoga properly or because you need help with an injury, Shayna is the person for you.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I love Yoga! Shayna is a patient, careful, delightful and excellent teacher.
    She has been incredibly thorough in her teaching style….paying attention to my age, my body, my personal aches and pains and all around individual needs. I had attempted yoga in a large class which turned out “to not be a good fit”. Meeting Shayna individually has helped me to understand the basic “mindfulness” that she preaches.

    If you are hesitant to try yoga….try it with Shayna….

  4. 5 out of 5

    I was referred to Shayna via a friend. Boy was I glad he did. She is a true blessing. I couldn’t have a better instructor. She is very professional. She listens to you as well as your body and adapts her workouts accordingly. She is always upbeat and enthusiastic. She has so much positive energy. I feel so good after our workouts. Those are probably my most productive days at work. I’ve been told you can do yoga on your own and I’m sure you can but I don’t think I would get as much out of it without Shayna. She makes that much of a difference. Obviously you can tell I’m very happy with Shayna and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn yoga.

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