Private Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Class

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that should be experienced fully through all of its ups and downs.

A private prenatal or postnatal Yoga session is a great way to ease the stress of having to leave the house, allow me to bring the yoga to you!

Want to learn more? Read below and allow me to help guide you through this journey!



With Shayna Frankel Yoga, you get a private Yoga experience that is solely focused on your goals and needs.

Prenatal Private Yoga Class

Prenatal Yoga classes give moms to be the tools to help reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and, work through contractions during labor. It encourages strength & flexibility throughout your pregnancy. The techniques you will learn will allow you to feel more comfortable with your changing body. There are very few things we can control as we head into labor but I will ensure that through breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as mind/body awareness, you will be fully prepared for all that comes your way.

Top 3 reasons that private Prenatal Yoga classes can benefit you:

  1. You’re better prepared for labor & delivery: Working one-on-one in a private setting will help you learn to connect with methods of deep, mindful breathing. These tools will help the body loosen and relax during labor and delivery.
  2. A healthier pregnancy: It’s probably not surprising that research has confirmed that a healthy mama is more likely to have a healthy baby.
  3. Your important muscle groups are toned: You will learn to build and maintain muscle tone during pregnancy. With private prenatal yoga, we will incorporate yoga poses such as lunges and gentle backbends. This can help minimize the aches & pains of pregnancy and are key in bringing your body back to a toned condition after delivery.

Postnatal Private Yoga Class

Postnatal Yoga classes will help moms and dads to bond with their baby. This private postnatal yoga session is focused on the parent-child experience. Starting with gentle movements for the mom and baby, reconnecting with your body, rebuilding fitness, centering and relaxing.

Top 3 ways that private Postnatal Yoga classes can benefit you:

  1. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor: Pushing during labor can make for a compromised pelvic floor. After birth, it’s not uncommon to experience a weakened pelvic floor. Postnatal yoga can help strengthen and build your core and pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Loosen Your Aching Neck & Shoulders: Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, many new moms experience neck and shoulder aches due to the many hours spent bending forward to feed the baby, picking up & putting the baby down. The hunched-over position that results can lead other problems such as headaches and back pain.
  3. Increase Endurance:After your baby is born, you might notice that normal activities aren’t as easy as they used to be. With your body recovering from labor, fatigue from caring for a newborn, and a change in your exercise routine while pregnant, a shift in endurance level makes sense. Postnatal yoga can help rebuild your strength and increase your energy level.

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Varies per client.

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At-home Postnatal Yoga is offered in selected areas of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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