Self Growth- The Power Of Yoga

Each of us, is on a path that leads to a realization of who we are. Each day of our lives should be taken as a gift because it’s an opportunity for self-realization, and self growth. Sometimes along our path we can get stuck, we stop to look at a flower, we stomp our feet on a puddle, or we meet with friends who entertain us. This distraction is needed, as happiness and wonder often lead to clarity and each experience is an opportunity to build ourselves, to grow and discover.

At times, we can become overly distracted and lose courage. Our minds become confused and we lose focus with too many desires and wants competing for our attention and so our physical bodies suffer. Suffering and pain are important because they remind us of the purpose of our journey. While we may not be able to change our destiny we can have a hand in the road we take to get there. We can grow and build our character. Train our minds to connect with our bodies and become one with our true self.

There are methods, techniques and ways to regain the focus that we have lost in our journey. Yoga is a way that creates within us the serenity that is needed in realizing who we are and why we are here. These techniques aim towards healing, wisdom, dignity and most of all love. Yoga is union. It is knowing that the outer is a manifestation of the inner. Yoga is healing for when you’ve regained your balance, you automatically heal.

Moving meditation is comprised of the Yoga asanas: a system that combines breathing with stretching and other powerful physical postures and exercises. Breathing is a way to direct the prana and when coupled with visualization, pinpoints healing energy on areas that are afflicted. When done well coupled with certain asanas techniques, mental clarity and tranquility is achieved.

We can soften our bodies and minds by stilling our breathing – a slow controlled breath will calm the nerves, deepen the breathing, relax the muscles and bones, and lower the blood pressure. It will also quiet down a restless and tired brain enabling it to release helpful hormones, and relax the mind.

Once clarity is achieved, focus on our true mission is regained. It’s not always easy to go the road alone, so why don’t we explore it together?

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