New Year, New Beginnings

New Year’s resolutions are promises we tell ourselves about the new habits, behaviors, and beliefs we plan to adopt in the coming year. We wait all season long for this holiday to come, choosing not to make any positive changes until after the clock strikes midnight. Procrastinating our way into the new year is often our futile attempt to slow down, relax, or take it easy, but there is a much better way. A new year calls for a new beginning, and the time for it is now.

The Top Three Tips for Motivating Your New Beginning

Finding the inspiration to better yourself is difficult, which might be why we need a holiday like New Years to motivate us towards self-improvement. Committing yourself to wellness takes guts without glory, at least at first. Like a blooming flower in the rising morning sun, you can’t rush perfection (but you can’t just sit around on your thumbs either). Even after the hoorah of the New Year has passed, you can still jump off and have a fresh start. Here are some tips on how to pull it off:

1) Start Eating Better

It’s hard to find the motivation to do anything when you’re too busy dealing with the negative effects of a poor diet. No matter what time of the year it is, begin treating your body better by sticking to a healthy, well-balanced meal plan. The excess energy derived from such habits will come in handy when structuring your new beginning.

2) Give Yourself the Gift of Sleep

Nothing heals the head, heart, and body more than a good night of sleep. In fact, studies have shown that even short daytime naps can have a positive effect on a person’s wellbeing. Adequate amounts of REM sleep are proven to reduce blood pressure and stress levels, improve all bodily functions, help the sleeper solve cognitive and logic problems, and can make you look more alert. All those benefits can be used to your advantage when making a new start.

3) Join a Customized Yoga Class

You may think yoga is overrated, but there are literally thousands of scientific studies supporting its numerous health and wellness benefits. There are prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga classes available for new moms, as well as yoga for kids and fun yoga retreats for families and couples. Yoga has become a household name because of its ability to help strengthen core muscles and confidence, making it a terrific stepping-stone into the New Year.

Your new beginning can happen whenever you want it to, regardless of what the calendar says. There are no rules when it comes to writing the story of your life. Taking care of your mind and body are the two greatest gifts you can give yourself, and yoga was originally developed to help people do just that. Combined with a healthy, well-balanced diet and a respect for natural circadian rhythms, few things are more effective at providing the inspiration needed to improve wellbeing.

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